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Top 10 Burger in Chicago

“In the 21st century, you can’t just throw a frozen patty on a griddle and expect to compete. Not when a place like Burke’s dry ages its beef in a room of Himalayan salt tiles and re-creates a microcosm of its restaurant in its burger. Atop 10 ounces of impeccable beef are judicious smatterings of garlic spinach, bacon mayonnaise, crispy shallots and a potato bun … this is a serious burger.”

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“David Burke’s Primehouse is one of the city’s finest temples of steak, but there’s more to the restaurant than bovine-based delights. This summer, Chef Rick Gresh — the jam-making, home-brewing head of the Primehouse kitchen – introduced Al Greshco, an intimate, spontaneous, five-course al fresco dinner each Wednesday night, inspired by his finds at the Green City Market that morning ($55; $80 with wine pairings) … At their best, they epitomize the season, as with a wildly flavorful heirloom tomato ragout with black-pepper pappardelle, shards of crisp house-made pancetta and micro basil leaves.”

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“The complex, earthy flavors that dry aging brings out had me swooning. This is the kind of meat I want my server to set in front of me when I go out and pay top dollar for a restaurant steak. The extra layer of richness the brushed-on ‘beef love’ added really put this one over the top.”


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“This is the closest a burger gets to tasting like a great steak. Primehouse dry-ages the meat, and the result is dense, beefy flavor. Wilted spinach is a thoughtful garnish; crisp shallots, above-par mayo and a sturdy potato bun complete the lineup … The more adventurous might opt for lobster slaw … or crab with hollandaise sauce. Piping-hot tempura green beans are crispy, not greasy, with plenty to share.”

Top 10 Steakhouse in the United States


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