There’s no doubt that a book can be a work of art. From stellar photography and illustrations to funky typography, books can transport us into worlds of fantasy and imagination. As part of our commitment to supporting the small businesses and non-profits that make our cities great, The James New York has partnered with local organization Printed Matter to fill our guestrooms and public spaces with a variety of visually stunning books from artists. It’s a natural extension of our commitment to the New York artistic community.

An Open Book
As one of the world’s largest publicly available sources for artists’ books, The Chelsea based Printed Matter is dedicated to supporting a rich and diverse community of artists.. Through its open submission process, the nonprofit organization provides opportunity forboth artists and independent publishers to submit their books for sale at Printed Matter’s store, its online catalog, and thought book and art fairs throughout the world. The gorgeous books sold through Printed Matter are conceived and designed by artists as “artwork for the page,” showcasing another facet of New York City’s rich visual canon.

Works of Art
All told, Printed Matter circulates more than 32,000 publications annually on behalf of artists and small presses. This allows a diverse community of artists to bring their books to the public—something that might otherwise not be possible. The store also hosts a wide range of events, including exhibitions , artist talks, book launches, educational lectures and performances. We highly recommend checking out their events schedule next time you’re in town.