Fredericks & Mae, the art & design duo of Jolie Mae Signorile and Gabriel Fredericks Cohen, were inspired to start their Brooklyn-based collaborative practice through a shared love of materials and a natural curiosity about objects and their origins. Focused on the tools, games and rituals that trace arcs throughout history, their handcrafted series of objects put an unexpected twist on traditional classics.

Take for instance an object that predates recorded history itself - the Arrow. Each of Frederick & Mae’s decorative arrows are thread wrapped and fletched using turkey, peacock, or macaw feathers. Their colorful Windsocks can help study the speed and direction of wind or simply be used to mark your spot at the beach.

At The James, we believe that art extends past paintings on a wall or photographs in a room. That’s why we’re happy to have a unique selection of classic board games from Fredericks & Mae in our own artistic oasis – the Urban Garden. Unwind with friends over small plates and Travel Backgammon (did you know backgammon is the oldest known board game?) or get a little more competitive with a game of Bocce. You might even pick up an anthropology lesson along the way.