If you’re passing by the corner of 6th Avenue and Thompson in Soho, you may notice a bright, colorful mural occupying the entire side of The James New York – Soho. Created in partnership with Grey Area and contemporary artist Paul Wackers, the original piece, entitled Slow Dance and the Daylight, is an intimate tableau of potted plants, personal mementos, shapes and lines - the latter lending themselves to the complex architecture of the building.

So who is the man behind our #jamespublicart mural? Read below for five fast facts on artist Paul Wackers. 

1) He’s inspired by objects. Much of Wacker’s work take place on a bookshelf, window ledge or a landscape where the objects placed on these locations are the focus of the painting.

2) He’s venturing into ceramics. He’s taken the objects out of his paintings and created them himself.  Inspired by this love, Wackers has recently been constructing ceramics to pair with the paintings in his studio.  

3) He worked for artist Sol LeWitt. LeWitt was an American artist known as one of the pioneers of conceptual art and the minimalist movement. His work can be found in many galleries and museums worldwide including the Guggenheim, Museum of Modern Art and the Tate Modern. 

4) One of his first jobs was at a video store. While selling paintings on the side, Wackers first job was at a video store while studying at the San Francisco Art Institute.

5) He’s represented by Morgan Lehman Gallery. He is currently prepping his third solo show with the gallery, Early Settlers. Debuting on May 11 and running through June 17, 2017, the show will feature new, large-scale works of Wacker’s signature abstract, figurative paintings. 

Check out more information on Wacker’s upcoming show here. And experience #jamespublicart, plus the rest of our vertical art gallery within the hotel, by booking your stay here.