As NYC’s only dedicated contemporary art museum, Cultural Collection partner the New Museum (located blocks from The James New York) is internationally respected for its boundary pushing exhibitions. This summer, they’ve debuted an exciting new Screens Series, a platform for the presentation of video works by emerging contemporary artists.

Berlin-based contemporary artist Agnieszka Polska kicks off the series. Below, in three parts, is all you need to know about Polska, her work and this inaugural exhibit.  

  1. Working primarily with digital animation, collage and computer-generated imagery (CGI), Polska creates dreamlike films that explore the ways that language and visual iconography manifest themselves within contemporary consciousness.
  2. Polska’s videos will be screened on Wednesday evenings through August 3 (the exhibition itself runs through August 14) in the New Museum Theatre. The July 27th screening will feature The Leisure Time of Firearm with My Little Planet shown on August 3. These are amongst Polska’s more recent works which highlights the intimate relationship between on-screen images and the physical and psychological response of the viewer - a relationship that has become increasingly direct in recent years due to the proliferation of technology.
  3. This is Polska’s second stop in NYC – her first being at the Museum of Modern Art in 2015. Her work has also been exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Tate Modern in London and the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw.

With a shared commitment to supporting emerging and contemporary artists, The James New York features the New Museum Paper in The James Club living library and offers complimentary tickets to view current exhibitions as part of our Cultural Collection program.