Classic timepieces are always in style, but there are a number of trends in watch design to look out for this year. When it comes to unique styles and the inspiration behind time’s most artfully crafted accessory, 2016 brings watch-enthusiasts both a rustic and regal feel. The best part? A number of notable up-and-comers are created right here in the U.S. Here’s a peek behind brands bringing fresh looks to 2016 and the inspiration behind them.

Rosy Outlook
Setting a romantic mood with rose gold is something you’ll see on style-setters this year – both men and women, alike. From the runway to street style, you won’t be able to miss 2016’s blush accents. A truly American luxury – and an exclusive partner of The James’ Pets Welcome program – Shinola creates sleek cases for men and women. Each style adds warmth to an ensemble and a timeless touch of love straight from the heart of Shinola’s home, Detroit. 

Rustic Reflection
Reminiscent of the age-old question does art mimic life or vice versa, comes a watch design that reflects its urban environment. Oak & Oscar’s first design The Burnham – named after Daniel Burnham, the praised architect and city planner – makes a nod to the founder’s father who loved the beauty of Chicago’s streets and the aesthetics of New York City’s Flat Iron building.

It’s an ode to the industrial beauty of America available in an array of interchangeable band colors – from dark green to orange and navy – as well as materials suede and leather.

Warm Notes
Brew Watches is inspired by coffee and the cherished, cozy time spent in your local café. Shades of espresso, along with your favorite ways to dress up your cup of Joe, are commemorated in the dark roast and creamy shades of its signature leather bands, cases and settings. The New York-based designer Jonathan Ferrer not only highlights the warm tones hailed this year in the fashion world, but he also captures the beloved coffee shop culture and characters we can now carry with us wherever we go. 

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