Inspiration might as well be Millana Snow’s middle name. Reiki healer, model, TV host and vegan, she’s also the co-founder of wellness company SERENE Social which has been bringing an hour of yoga zen to our Soho rooftop every summer. Below, Millana shares with us her inspirations, how she’s pushing the boundaries of wellness into the mainstream and what’s next for SERENE.  

How did you come to found SERENE Social?
SERENE Social was first started from an intention. I wanted to start a business that would bring people together through wellness. Soon after, I had an actual vision of yoga at The James Hotel in Soho. At the time this was a wild idea and I'm so thankful that my friend David Rabin (one of the JIMMY partners) helped me bring it to the hotel.

After a few years, we organically grew to do wellness programming all over New York, London and Los Angeles. Last year we took a big step adding two new partners, Tegan Bukowski and Jordan Daly, and together we have created a much bigger approach to SERENE that will go beyond events and programming while still maintaining our community base.

You call SERENE curators of conscious well-being…what do you mean by that?
From the beginning we have brought people together in new ways around wellness and consciousness. Over the years we've gathered some of the best practitioners and leaders and have connected with brands who have never brought wellness into the fold before. We love to push the boundaries of wellness into the mainstream.
Tell us a little bit about your wellness + co-working space pop-up experience this summer? How do you incorporate this idea of conscious living and wellness into the 9-5 grind?
We have worked with One Roof in Montauk and in Los Angeles and it has been great helping entrepreneurs find a better work/life balance. We hope to continue this in an even bigger way with our next launch, SereneBook.

What are some ways people can find a little bit of zen or mindfulness in their everyday lives?
Meditation. It's like medicine and a nap all at once. Best part, it's free and can be done anywhere for any amount of time. I highly recommend meditation throughout the day just like taking lunch away from the desk. It will make you happier and healthier and work at a higher level.

What’s next for team SERENE?  
SereneBook, our new content-rich, tech platform that we believe will bring wellness to the masses. With SereneBook we are connecting users to wellness practitioners (naturopaths, yoga teachers, healers) through a monthly subscription. We're super excited because it will change the conversation in wellness and tech. The full launch will be later this fall, but you can sign up for updates and early access on