Whether clear or cloudy, dawn or dusk, we have views to inspire. Do you? In honor of The James West Hollyood - Sunset (whose views are an Instagram dream) we hosted a #JamesPOV Instagram contest this fall. To celebrate, we also partnered up with an amazing Los Angeles photographer, videographer, motion desinger and all around inspiring guy, Dan Marker-Moore, to share his unique views of the city we'll soon calll home.

Below, spend a little time getting to know Dan and explore all his stunning imagery here.

1. How did you get your start in photography and motion graphics?

I studied editing in film school, and my interest in motion graphics grew from playing around with After Effects. I have always loved taking pictures. I really wanted to spend less of my day in front of a computer and more time out exploring, so I started pursuing photography full time.

2. Your time slice collections are super cool – what goes into creating one?

I usually spend days working on them. Each time I create one I start with hundreds of images and then work to cull down the best ones that highlight the colors and transition I’m trying to show. I usually try many variations before finding the right selection, with varying number of slices, size of the slices, and even the angle and shape.

3. Do you have a favorite place or thing you’ve ever photographed?

Thats a hard one, and my answer probably would change each time. I really love Hawaii and it’s definitely a place I want to go back to. The natural beauty of the islands are unmatched with its endless lines of palms, its mountainous coast, and its massive waterfalls. Sometimes you need to fly up in a helicopter to really take it all in.

4. What inspires you overall?

I’m inspired by weather and light. Sometimes I chase clouds for hours trying to align for the perfect photo.

5. What’s the best thing about living in LA?

Palm trees, sunshine and food are my favorite things about LA. Nowhere else in the world has the year-round sunsets like LA.