Whether clear or cloudy, dawn or dusk, we have views to inspire. Do you? In honor of The James West Hollyood - Sunset (whose views are an Instagram dream) we hosted a #JamesPOV Instagram contest this fall. To celebrate, we also partnered up with an amazing Los Angeles photographer, Grant Legan, to share his unique views of the city we'll soon calll home.

Below, spend a little time getting to know Grant and explore all his stunning imagery here.

1. How’d you get your start as a photographer? 

I took a 35mm film course in high school and fell in love with the process. From there, I began shooting weddings and using the money to travel once a year. The more I began to travel the more I began to create work while abroad. The two became intermixed years later as I grew into fashion photography.

2. How do you feel Instagram has changed or enhanced the photography business overall?

It's an amazing community - to share experiences while traveling or be inspired by others. The creative world online is so vast. It's created a place for everyone to share and be seen. As long as we continue to utilize it as a community we can all grow together.

3. What’s your favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?

Very difficult question. I've had so many favorites in so many different ways. Each place has its own memory based on that experience. I think every time I travel somewhere new I learn something about the world around me and about myself. And usually the locations where I've had the most trouble or run into mishaps (like getting lost or plans falling apart) have been the most memorable experiences. 

4. What inspires you overall?

Moments in my life have inspired my work, as well as a sort of imaginary or romanticized view of the world. I think there is a gorgeous beauty to solitude and I believe that emotion has inspired a lot of my work.

5. Best thing about living in LA?

The community of creatives. You can be whatever you want to be in California. Surround yourself with a likeminded bunch and you'll be happy.