Holidays meals are typically made up of family favorites or cherished dishes, but no table should be without a healthy option. Add onto your menu a recipe that features organic ingredients or is vegetable heavy that may just become a new holiday tradition. Though holiday feasts may be a time for indulging, your guests will thank you for also offering something a little lighter.

Main Course
Roast Salmon with Coriander, Oranges and Herbs
This is a dish that is quick to make and great for a large crowd - it’s a versatile and healthy option that can be used a plethora of ways. You can serve hot as an entrée or pair it with a dipping sauce to serve cold on a buffet. Any leftovers can be put in the fridge and used for salads or sandwiches the next day.  Don’t forget the fresh herbs to top off the salmon to add a colorful touch.

Side Dish
Cranberry Apple Sweet Potato Hash
For an unexpected side dish that is both healthy and includes some of the best flavors of the season, serve up a dish of cranberry apple sweet potato hash. This recipe includes red apples, cranberries, cinnamon, and, of course, sweet potatoes. It is ideal for dinner or also makes a great choice for brunch.  Bonus – this colorful dish with bold orange, purple and green colors will brighten up any table.

Low-Cal Rum Balls
Switch up your standard sugar cookie for a low-call rum ball for dessert this year. Celebrity Chef Devin Alexander has a recipe for rum balls that contains half the calories and a tiny amount of fat compared to traditional butter-laden recipes.  A no-guilt dessert with rum?  Count us in.