New Year’s Eve has come and gone and while the party may be over, a fresh year has begun in 2017 which brings with it fresh opportunities. Each hopeful year we set our goals and resolutions for the New Year, however only 8% of Americans are successful in sticking with it. Whether your pact is to stay fit and healthy in 2017 or simply to make more mental time for yourself, our tips below will hopefully help you stick with it and make this year your best yet.

1. Define Goals. Clearly define your goals and make sure they’re realistic. Don’t set an unobtainable goal right off the bat and make sure that it is specific. If your goal is to get healthy, what does that mean to you?  Eating less?  Sleeping more? Working out regularly? Pick what matters most and stick to it. 

2. Check In. Mark your calendar to check in with yourself about your goal every couple weeks to see how you are doing. This will give you a mental check point to help you stay on track and remain determined.

3. Be Patient. Be mindful that your goal is not going to happen overnight or for some, even after a few months. You may have also heard that it takes 21 days to break or form any habit. So have patience and stick to your goal to see results happen. Focus on how good it’s making you feel in the meantime.

4. Talk It Up. Share your goals with your family or friends and allow them to ask you about your progress. Talking about your goal will help keep you motivated and your friends will make sure you don’t forget. Put it out into the universe and then watch it come to life.