Anyone who’s taken a ChaiseFitness class using their signature Reinvention Method will tell you it can be a game changer. Co-founders Rachel and Lauren Piskin’s (who happen to be mother/daughter) approach blends pilates, ballet and strength training to work muscles you didn’t even know you had. We’re big fans of ChaiseFitness at The James, which is why we’ve partnered with them as part of our Urban Wellness program to offer access to their convenient workouts in-room.

Below, Rachel gives us an inside look at Chaise’s approach, plus her take on how to stay fit on the road and healthy dining options in NYC.

Tell us a little bit about the Reinvention Method.  How did you come to develop it?
At ChaiseFitness, we believe that anyone can be fit—no matter what skill level or body type. This belief inspired the creation of our patented Reinvention Method, which is for everyone—the athlete, the dancer, the beginner, the advanced, the rebuilder.

We blend Pilates, ballet and strength training and equip you with a chair and overhead bungees so that you work all muscles. The method was developed by my mom, Lauren, and I using both of our extensive backgrounds in fitness, dance and figure skating.
Which Chaise class would you suggest for a newbie?
I would suggest taking the Reinvention Chair. It is our signature class and provides a fun, full bodied workout!
Any advice for people who want to stay or enhance their fitness routine while traveling? Best hotel room workouts?
If you’re staying at The James you can, of course, access our ReinventYou workout videos and follow along using only a resistance band (provided by the hotel). There are four videos to choose from and all offer great workouts in the comfort of your room. Or, you can rent any of our streaming videos direct from our website!
How do you stay on track when you’re traveling?
I try to walk as much as possible. It’s a great, easy way to explore a new place but also stay active. I also always bring my Theraband and do the ReinventYou videos to help me stay toned and strong while away from the studio.
What’s your go-to healthy meal spot in New York City?
I love Westville. You can get delicious and healthy food options for any meal - I always look forward to when I have the chance to go. My favorite is their grilled salmon with two market vegetable sides or their Greek salad with grilled chicken.