For the inspiration behind Farmspoke restaurant, opening at The James West Hollywood - Sunset, just think about going back to the basics. This all-day restaurant and marketplace located on our lobby level - with kits you can even cook at home - is all about a high quality, local and fresh philosophy.

Overseen by Top Chef alum Chris Crary, Farmspoke will also include an extensive line of sweets and pastries, organic coffee and cold-pressed juices. We caught up with Chef Crary to learn more about what hungry guests will experience when Farmspoke opens this spring.

You’ve been behind several popular restaurants including Hyde Sunset Kitchen + Cocktails. What makes your approach to Farmspoke different?
Farmspoke is different for multiple reasons. It focuses on masters in their fields, from local farmers to candle makers to organic coffee roasters. With Farmspoke we are bringing back cooking that has been forgotten, like making our own butter and house-made croissants.

How would you describe the food?
Farmspoke is a collaboration with local artisans to produce high quality local food that will fuel your body and soul from morning to late night.

Where will the ingredients in Farmspoke’s menu be sourced from?
Everything will be sourced as locally as possible with the cooperation of farms such as: Weiser Farms, McGrath Family Farms, Anna’s Farm, Tamai Farm, Ellwood Canyon Farms, Finley Farms, T & D Farms, Coleman Farms, Cuyama and many, many more. In the future, we’ll also grow some of our own items on property.

We love that you have meal kits for us to unleash our inner chef. Will these kits work for a cooking novice as well?
The meal kits are for anyone who knows how to turn on a burner. We will break them down into four or less steps, which may include steps as easy as “open the box.”

What will guests find at the market?
The market will be a collection of local gifts, handcrafted items, charitable items, things prepared in house basically a wide variety of things you would want while traveling in California.

Do you have a favorite menu item?
There are two standouts: Roasted cauliflower: whipped goat cheese, pickled pistachio, capers, grapes; and then there’s the spring ravioli: rabbit, peas, radish, pickled carrot, sauce vin jaune.

Are there any menu or market items that pay homage to the area or the Sunset Strip?
Yes! The Beet Graffiti Salad with pistachios, Asian pear, persimmon, and goat cheese fondue will pay homage to local street artists featuring vibrant colors and textures.