It’s easy to get into a workout rut, but by combining the best of Pilates, ballet and aerobics, ChaiseFitness has produced a fresh, innovative and highly effective program that we think you’ll enjoy mastering - and even look forward to doing.

Get Long, Lean and Sculpted

ChaiseFitness classes are designed to sculpt long, lean, beautiful muscles. Although there are a variety of classes, all are core-based, with a focus on proper posture and body alignment. At their three Manhattan studios, ChaiseFitness clients use a custom overhead bungee system and other special equipment within the classes. However, co-founders Lauren and Rachel Piskin wanted to respond to students who were concerned about maintaining their fitness while traveling or were unable to get to a studio easily; they developed the ReinventYOU series of four 20-minute videos, as well as The James New York’s rooftop classes, which can all be done with just a Theraband.

Do a Workout with a View

The James New York / ChaiseFitness Summer Series rooftop classes take place at The James New York on Tuesday mornings, every other week, 8am–8:45am through August 25th. Rachel Piskin describes the setting as “…so beautiful that it’s like a getaway or mini-vacation to take these classes. People are just in awe of the rooftop view, and the energy of the city and fresh air workout are so invigorating.” The classes are free to hotel guests, and open to members of the community for a $25/class fee. Therabands and mats are available for students to use in class. Reservations are required, and can be made by emailing

Stream a New You

The streaming ReinventYOU workout series is complimentary and available in-room, on demand to The James New York and The James Chicago guests, as part of our Urban Wellness programming. Guests can do one workout (Cardio; Long and Lean; Legs and Butt; or Arms and Abs) or they can do all four for a challenging, whole-body fitness routine. Access to one or all of the workouts is also available on the ChaiseFitness website for a monthly fee.

The partnership between The James and ChaiseFitness is a natural one, because we share a commitment to helping people nurture their best selves. Try out a ChaiseFitness class on The James New York rooftop - or in the privacy of your home or hotel room – and recharge, strengthen and reinvent you.