Exercising and music go hand in hand: The rhythm can help guide you through your workout routine, keep you focused, boost your performance, and even provide entertainment. Whether you need a pulsing up-tempo beat to stay motivated during your next run, or some relaxing tunes to help you cool down during yoga, the perfect playlist can get you moving.

At The James, we’re passionate about fostering good health through our Urban Wellness program. Here’s a sampling of workout playlists to get you inspired to stay active. For more, connect with us on Spotify to dive into our music mixes or enjoy a one-of-a-kind playlist created by our very own music curator, Jared Dietch through #musicatthejames.

Born to run. The ideal playlist for running—or engaging in most types of cardiovascular exercise—should have a beat that helps you keep pace and encourages you to move, even when you’re tired. Here are some of Jared’s top picks to keep you motivated:

·       “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire

·       “Dance Yrself Clean” by LCD Sound System

·       “All of The Lights” by Kanye West

·       “Can’t Do Without You (Extended Mix)” by Caribou

·       “Idle Delilah” by Azealia Banks

·       “Fantastic Man” by William Onyeabor

Relax. Whether you’re moving through a series of yoga poses or simply stretching out tight muscles, music should make you feel centered, focused, and relaxed. Indie and instrumental tunes are obvious choices, but we tapped our music curator for some tunes that can cool you down, too:

·       “Teenage Talk” by St. Vincent

·       “P.L.A” by Robert Wyatt

·       “Morning” by Beck

·       “Go In” by Warpaint

·       “Future Bones” by Bells Atlas

Try out your perfect playlist when you’re on the go, whether you’re visiting us in New York or Chicago.