Carrie Sieh is an interdisciplinary and mixed-media artist whose mediums include embroidery, photography, painting, and installation. Sieh’s work is primarily concerned with the human experience of technology and communication, gender, and the natural world.

In “Collapse”—a work composed of four handembroidered computer disks and four blank ones—the fleeting and mediated nature of digital technology is contrasted with the immediate and enduring quality of visual information and handmade artifacts. Each disk represents a plant that has long been of practical use—for food, clothing, art, construction, pleasure, or medicine—and about which the loss of knowledge could have a significant impact.

Sieh received a BA in Art, with a double focus on painting and photography, from University of California at Santa Cruz. She earned a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University in California, which often informs the theme of technology present in her work.

Raised in California, she now lives and works in Miami. She is currently a resident artist at the Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami.