“Mother do you wanna bang heads with me” 2011, extends the artist’s investigation of industrial materials and processes in contemporary painting. Smooth resin layers and vinyl stripping, signature elements in Perry’s earlier work, have been interceded by chance pours of vibrant pigmented resin. Recycled, “Mother…” was exhibited in an earlier state as a pristine example of the artists stripe works now viewed through the veils and pours, the work has an altered life and a mediated dialogue. Reveling in chance, the work is aggressively turned away from it’s “perfect” roots, leaving it in an entropic state, an imperfect perfection.

Gavin Perry was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. After receiving his BFA from the Tyler School of Art he moved to Miami, FL, where he now lives and works. Perry has exhibited nationally and internationally. He has had solo exhibitions at the Fredric Snitzer gallery in Miami, FL; at Barbara Davis gallery Houston, TX; and at Galerie Sultana Paris, France. Perry has been included in group exhibitions in Basel, Switzerland; Milan, Italy; Marseille, FR; and New York, NY. In 2012, Perry was a finalist for the first annual Pratt Prix, an award for contemporary painting, in Paris, France.

Barbara Davis Gallery