Through Jorge Pantoja’s use of drawing and collage, he turns his discovery of visual elements in the most unlikely of places, into works of visual poetry. “Stretching”, “Faith”, “Splendor”, “On Call”, and “Heavy Horses” are combined to create this collection created exclusively for The James Royal Palm through partnership with MOCA NOMI (Museum of Contemporary Art -North Miami). Starting from a young age, Pantoja always enjoyed “people-watching” in hotel lobbies. He attentively observes humanity, diverse and culturally complex, marching on right in front of his eyes. The tension between individual solitude and easy commonality, between public and private spaces, between the daily team and the temporary guests that light up the space, is a concept that fascinates him. Hotel lobbies are spaces of contradictions and togetherness, of endless idiosyncratic rituals that restart every day. Pantoja’s series of drawings work to encapsulate that.

The series captures the balancing act between the public and the private in a flexible space and the welcoming of different seasons, moods, cyclical challenges and repetitions.

Pantoja has been honored by MOCA NOMI through a solo museum exhibition and the publishing of 35 of his Haiku drawings. Pantoja’s solo exhibitions have been displayed all over south Florida, including Carol Jazzar Gallery in Miami, FL., Books and Books in Coral Gables, FL., and Gutierrez Fine Arts, Miami Beach, FL. Pantoja has lived in Miami, FL for more than 20 years and resides in South Beach.