The work of Patricia Schnall Gutierrez uncovers the lives of women and studies the feminine character. Her predominantly autobiographical studies piece together fragments of her own life experiences. Schnall Gutierrez is known for her use of non-traditional materials such as steel wool, natural twines and hair. She defines characteristics associated with woman through opposing qualities of delicacy and strength.


Her beach series made for The James invites the viewer to share her observations of beach goers. We see each other in quick glances, with muffled voices and disappearing shapes, as our senses are hypnotized by the sand and sea.

In her conference room series created for The James, Gutierrez looks at the life and personality of a young girl. A continuation of a series called Diva, where the artist embodies her own past experiences, this faceless little girl, shown in a pretty party dress, could be any one of many little girls as she moves through a series of postures and is surrounded by pink polka dots, flowers and packages.

Generation after generation, our roles as women are deeply ingrained in us. These stereotypical roles and associations we assume begin very early on. Through my work, I strive to create an awareness of how women have been defined in the past and the insight this knowledge gives us as we move forward.

The multi-media work of Patricia Schnall Gutierrez has been exhibited in national museums, art fairs and galleries and is part of private and corporate collections throughout the world.