The James Royal Palm has partnered with Miami's Independent Thinkers to bring South Beach a specially-curated Local Art Series, in support of their mission to provide a sustainable support base for Miami's creative community.  Featuring a different installation every four to six weeks in our Great Room Pre Function space, Miami's Independent Thinkers is an organization dedicated to the unity, development and promotion of Miami's flourishing art community, working to embrace established, merging and young artists, visionaries and intellectuals.

We invite you to enjoy our current exhibition by artists Redinger-Libolt, David Gary Lloyd and Michael Zimmerer. 

Inspired by the sociological effects of the advertising world, David Gary Lloyd unfolds symbolic photographs to challenge the messages conveyed by mass marketing.Lloyd's works communicate messages of religion in mainstream media, identity complications, human/nature sacrifice, and the effects of mass consumerism. David has also developed "Narrated Moments", which relate positive outlooks and advice through the homeless, gypsies and street dwellers of Miami, who go against the common grain of society. David received diplomas in Photography and Graphic Design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Exhibitions of his work have been held in Venues ranging from Miami, New York and Vermont. Lloyd currently lives and works from the eclectic art neighborhood Wynwood located in Miami. Alongside fellow photographer Michelle Citrin, David Co-owns the contemporary portrait studio Neox Image

After traveling significant distances, Michael Zimmerer began to see the world differently, especially the wilderness. It was no longer his childhood playground, a resource or a fantasy to explore; but environments that taught, learned and breathed on their own. In each of his projects he is not just documenting where he has traversed, but discovering and exploring what it means to be a place. He wants to encourage the viewer to recon-sider their world, be it under the sky or inside their minds. His work is about seeing the world in a new way, not a new angle or a new development, but about vision and understanding. He wants to explore the Earth, and everything involved in it. Zimmerer's work ranges from telling the story of an elegant land turned dark and decrepit, to the discovery of self, and how easily so many of us lose in ourselves that which seems impossible to really lose.  In his images his goal is for people to find their roots in the world, and in themselves.

“Sea Shades”, a photographic series by Redinger-Libolt, the combined talents of Scott and Cristina Redinger-Libolt, explores the personality of our ocean as seen from Miami Beach and how it varies from day-to-day, minute-to-minute.   Minimal and graphic compositions are employed in attempts to remove the photographer’s perspective and allow the sea it’s own voice, uniquely expressed in each photograph.  Since moving to Miami Beach in 2009, Redinger-Libolt's photographs have appeared in Ocean Drive, Miami Magazine, Interiors Magazine, Forbes, Conde Nast, Marie Claire and have exhibited photography at a show curated by Kerry McLaney of Miami Independent Thinkers during Art Basel 2011. 

For more information on Miami's Independent Thinkers and our current featured artists, Redinger-Libolt, David Gary Lloyd and Michael Zimmerer, please visit