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Hudson Valley Getaway
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Hudson Valley Getaway

For a quick sojourn from New York that offers plenty of history and activities, journey to the Hudson Valley district. Easily accessible via Amtrak, the city of Hudson is known as the “downtown of upstate” with its 50+ antique shops, 300 historic buildings, 10 bed & breakfasts, and many popular restaurants. We’d recommended renting a car for the 120-mile drive to take in the scenic sights, including farm stands, retro diners, and, of course, the river. Before you head out, check out our top places to experience while exploring this charming city.

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Tips for Getting in Marathon Shape

Undertaking a marathon or half-marathon may be a common goal among fitness lovers, but tackling the herculean 26-mile distance can still feel like a daunting challenge. And while it may be obvious that pre-marathon training requires hours of patience and dedication putting in the required mileage, there are lots of other things you can do to help get yourself in top shape for race day.