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Emerging Artists in New York City

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New York City is for lovers… of the arts, especially. And in the dense, fast-paced crowds of NYC’s creative scene, there are four up-and-comers that stand out (and deserve all of the attention they’ve been stirring up). If you’re into gallery hopping and have already soaked up our permanent collections from local artists as a part of our #artatthejames program, then be sure to keep watch for the works of these visionaries: Dora Budor, Tschebalala Self, Torey Thorton and Christine Sun Kim. Here’s a rundown of their specialties, inspirations and personal histories.

Dora Budor
This Croatian sculptor and filmmaker explores cultural phenomena in relation to Hollywood. Exposing the technical and otherwise overlooked elements of movies, Dora Budor sources movie props and repurposes them with an anthropological lens. She seeks to spark conversation on the connection people feel for characters who have become a part of our collective cultural reality.

Tschabalala Self 
This American artist uses painting and printmaking to convey exaggerated images of the black female body. Pulling from her own conflicted societal experiences, Tschabalala Self’s work explores the biological characteristics of this figure and the cultural attitudes toward race and gender.

Torey Thornton
This Brooklyn-based mixed-media artist is best known for his raw, abstract renditions of images used as spatial properties, as well as a medium for image constructs. As a nontraditional painter, Torey Thornton rejects the common use of a canvas, preferring instead the textural freedom of paper, wood and slatted panels – all of which allow for spray and acrylic paint.

Christine Sun Kim
American sound artist Christine Sun Kim makes installations that combine performance with harmonies, cacophonies and vibrations. She was born deaf and has dedicated her artistic expression to exploring the tangible aspects of sound. Kim artist also makes paintings and drawings from her experiments with field recordings and breathing.

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