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De-stress with a Sound Bath

If you’re wondering what a sound bath is, you’re not alone. While the practice has recently become a popular trend on the wellness scene, it hasn’t achieved mainstream status the way yoga has. Yet the two have a lot in common.

James Hotel SoHo guests enjoy a sound bath at the Wellness Center. The instructor can be seen moving her instrument along the gong, creating harmonics meant to soothe and de-stress.A sound bath is an immersive meditation and healing experience that “bathes” the participant in sound waves that act upon our energy centers or chakras. As the body soaks in and responds to the higher, happier vibrations, we experience an emotional, mental, and physical reset.

Like yoga and meditation, sound baths are usually held in small group sessions in a studio. As you lie flat on your back with eyes closed (in Shavasana pose), a facilitator will play various instruments and tools in what seems like a concert of ambient, droning tones and vibrations. Expect to hear gongs, crystal bowls, tuning forks, chanting, and any number of drums and rattles played at established frequencies that are known to soothe the mind and body into a deep, relaxed state. On a conscious level, it’s a very calming, Zen-like experience that will lull some people to sleep and spark creative thoughts in others. Either way, the vibrations are absorbed unconsciously, clearing out bad energy and promoting balance and harmony that can last for days, or even longer.

In the words of Glendy Yeung, an experienced sound and pranic healer, “the healing, relaxation, and rejuvenation that can be experienced through vibrational modalities is accessible to all.” As the body entrains (or syncs up) with healing sound frequencies, a state of deep relaxation can be achieved, leading to enhanced creativity and a sense of connection with the universe.

A former neuroscientist and researcher, Glendy has spent the last 20 years studying the disciplines of Tibetan Buddhism, Pranic Healing/Arhatic Yoga, yoga asana, yogic philosophy, meditation, mantra, sacred geometry, yantra, breath work, flower essences, and sound healing. For Glendy, the common thread between these modalities is the effect of energy on human biological and emotional systems.

During our recent visit, she noted the value of going beyond the “mechanics of modern medicine,” to address energy imbalances with vibration. She explains that through sound healing and meditation, it’s possible to replace negative energy with higher, more positive vibrations, like peace, love, and joy.

As with yoga and other forms of meditation, a sound bath can help one find balance and feel grounded, amid the demands and noise of daily life.

Glendy is available for Private Sessions, Group Sessions, and Corporate Events.

To schedule a session (at the James New York – NoMad or offsite) visit her website here, or contact James New York – NoMad for scheduling a session with your stay at the hotel.

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