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Transformation Through Human Design

Maybe you’re feeling stuck, drained emotionally, unfulfilled, or uncertain about your purpose. Or maybe you’ve achieved a level of success but still feel a void in your life. A Destiny by Design reading—available at the James New York – NoMad hotel—can help you find the piece of your emotional well-being that’s been missing.

Lynne Dominick is the transformational coach and force behind Destiny by Design Readings. Here’s what we learned about her program during a recent chat.

What is Human Design?

Through Human Design, the intersection of science and spirituality, we can uncover and harness the unique energy system that resides in each of us. Anyone can use Human Design as a personal growth tool to better understand his or her own nature. The result? A sense of wholeness and an empowering, transformative experience.

What is Destiny by Design?

Imagine discovering a priceless set of blueprints created exclusively for you: a diagram of your soul’s energy; an energetic MRI; authentic, complete, as unique as your fingerprint. Think about being who you were designed to be, rather than what society says you should be. Think about transformation at the core level.

A Destiny by Design session will provide insights about how you were originally engineered and help you discover the path to a more authentic life.

How does it work?

Your one-on-one session with Lynne will explore your interests, skillset, goals, and challenges, culminating in an individualized life roadmap developed just for you.

Based on information you provide about birth date and location, Lynne will construct a chart that identifies your Human Design type as either Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator, Projector, or Reflector. Once you uncover the mysteries of your energy, you can learn strategies to manage it in a way that reduces emotional friction and resistance.

You will learn how to…

  • make decisions that work with—rather than against—your true nature
    forge positive relationships with others
  • limit the negativity of conventional wisdom to maximize your power and potential
  • live life with greater clarity and become more consciously aware
  • enjoy the freedom that stems from seeing the “whole picture” of your life
  • access powerful learning tools and practical meditations to help raise your energetic vibration


To learn more, or to book your session, please contact Lynne at [email protected] or 917.572.6398.

Self-Discovery Through Human Design

  • Customized 1:1 reading of your Human Design chart
  • 60 min/$150

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