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  • How can you make your next special event even more special? By hosting it in one of our intimate, artfully appointed spaces, from the residentially-styled Library to private dining in Burke’s Dining Room. You and your guests will enjoy restaurant-style dining by David Burke’s Primehouse — after customizing the evening’s menu with a Primehouse chef.

    Whether you’re celebrating a business success or a life milestone, The James’ seamlessly intuitive special events team is dedicated to making it a truly memorable experience.

    1. Restaurant-style dining for 10 to 180 guests
    2. Natural lighting in dining spaces
    3. Customized menus by award-winning restaurant, David Burke’s Primehouse
    4. Full range of restaurant, club or lounge-style ambiences
    5. Dedicated special events team
    6. Integrated surround sound systems
    7. Engaging, customized luxury


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