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    How to Rest and Relax with The James NoMad

Nestled amongst the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan, The James NoMad is the ultimate urban oasis for the creative, stylish, and discerning traveler. The James NoMad  is designed to provide a calming and revitalizing environment for guests.

National Relaxation Day 

How to Rest and Relax with The James NoMad

Summer in New York City can be a lot: a lot of subway commutes, a lot of crowded streets with tourists and locals, a lot of long lines, and a lot of high humidity. These facets of the city can make anybody long for a little peace and quiet. Luckily, like an oasis in the middle of the summer, we have National Relaxation Day on August 15th! Here at The James NoMad, we celebrate relaxation every day! No matter when you visit us, you can unwind thanks to our many amenities and neighborhood perks. There’s something for everyone at our urban retreat. So kick back, take a deep breath, and feel whatever peacefulness you seek in the heart of New York!

Getting You Started 

Make yourself at home in our serene retreat, complete with all the creature comforts you could ever need. At The James NoMad, we encourage mindfulness and relaxation as soon as you wake up. That’s why every room  is equipped with yoga mats and meditation cushions. Additionally, you’ll have access to on-demand yoga and guided meditation videos through our 40” HDTVs, as well as a rotating roster of personal gurus within Four Bodies Wellness.

Thanks to our range of eco-friendly bath products by the folks at Appelles Apothecary & Lab, your stay can feel like a spa escape This Australian brand believes that luxury is a journey, so they focus on the smallest of details, transforming every step of your beauty routine into a luxurious experience. Appelles Apothecary & Lab products come standard in your room when you stay with us at The James.

The James NoMad firmly believes that nourishment and relaxation come in many forms. Make sure to start your day with a visit to the James Club’s complimentary coffee in the lobby, available from 6AM to 8AM. Fill your water bottle with our signature triple-filtered water, hydration is key!

You can also enjoy delicious healthy snacks throughout the day, including fresh fruit in the morning and a daily evening wine hour. Did you know that wine has been proven to be good for you? And everyone deserves a nice beverage to loosen up after a long day!

Every room key at The James NoMad comes with a $20 gift card to exhale® NoMad. This medical spa offers a vast range of spa services and wellness treatments, and is conveniently located just two blocks from the hotel. Recenter yourself with a whole-body cryotherapy session, decompress with a massage customized to your needs, and feel rejuvenated with a bespoke facial that will leave you glowing.

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Recharge in Style 

Sleep is essential to overall health and well-being, and crucial for a good vacation. As an oasis in the middle of Manhattan, The James NoMad aims to create the perfect atmosphere for you to have a restful night in the city that never sleeps. Our Nightly Insomnia Cart in the lobby invites guests to try out our curated products from local wellness partner, Standard Dose. Our friends at Standard Dose are dedicated to elevating and promoting health & wellbeing with thoughtfully designed and selected products. You’ll find a range of options on the cart, including Moon Juice’s Dream Dust — a unique blend of adaptogens and herbs that promote deep, tranquil rest. There are also CBD tinctures, eye pillows, and pillow mist for a luxurious sleep experience. Relish in the most fabulous night’s sleep with curated products and our top-notch service!

Couples that Unwind Together

The expert and lovely folks at Standard Dose curate more than just the products featured in the Insomnia Cart. They also visit the hotel bi-monthly to host our Couples Intimacy Workshops in the Penthouse. This sex-positive workshop is led by Relationship Therapist & Intimacy Coach, Gaby Balsells. The experience includes 30 minutes of Psychoeducation somatic embodiment exercises — connecting to your partner’s and your breath, emotions, and sensations. This is followed by five minutes of gentle stretches and breath work to connect to the body, and five minutes of partnered soft touch. The session is followed by a 10-minute Q&A session as you sip on a Standard Dose Wellness Latte, courtesy of the Pop-Up Latte Bar, that infuses coffee with wellness needs. For example, if you’re feeling the need for a libido boost, try the Moon Juice Cosmic Cocoa latte made with adaptogenic ashwagandha (winter cherry plant!)

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Decompress at The James Hotels 

Coming soon, our Decompress at The James package will help you go all in on relaxation, and beat any burnout you may be feeling at work, or in life This package will encourage you to take a moment out of your busy day-to-day with unlimited use of Standard Dose’s meditation space and complimentary stress relievers. We’re also partnering with exhale® NoMad for complimentary services, so you can. focus on your self-care routine while staying at The James NoMad. Follow us on social media to get the latest details!

Experience the Sanctuary and Scene of The James NoMad

Our doors are always open for moments of calm and pleasure. When you stay with us, we can promise many ways to properly celebrate and pamper yourself every day. Let us help you identify your needs and address them in the best, most relaxing way while you stay with us. We hope you find your perfect way to relieve stress and that you enjoy your relaxing holiday or staycation

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