• New York’s Best Hidden Speakeasies 3

    New York’s Best Hidden Speakeasies

Looking for unique nightlife experiences brimming with old-school glamour and innovative cocktails? Let us recommend some of New York’s best speakeasies tucked away in unexpected places!

Raise a Glass: The James NoMad’s Top Picks for New York City Bars

New York’s Best Hidden Speakeasies
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In the bustling city of New York, there’s a hidden world waiting to be discovered by those with a taste for the clandestine and a penchant for the perfect cocktail. What better place to begin your journey into the realm of speakeasies and hidden gem bars than from the doorstep of The James NoMad? Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, The James NoMad offers discerning travelers the perfect home base to explore the city and uncover its most coveted secrets. Pack your sense of adventure and a good outfit, and prepare to dive into the mysteries of New York City’s clandestine cocktail culture.

Please Don’t Tell

Shhhh! Let’s try to keep the award-winning New York City cocktail bar a secret a while longer. Tucked away behind a vintage phone booth within the Crif Dogs hot dog joint in the East Village lies one of the city’s most iconic speakeasies: Please Don’t Tell, or PDT for short.  The bar is often cited as the first speakeasy-style bar, and thus, it is credited with originating the modern speakeasy trend in the city and beyond. PDT is dimly lit inside and is a haven for the mixology-obsessed. It boasts an extensive menu of inventive cocktails crafted by expert bartenders. From their signature Benton’s Old Fashioned, infused with bacon, to the refreshing Cucumber Margarita, every sip is a journey through flavor. Make sure to secure your reservations ahead of time. This gem might be under the radar, but those who know, know

The Seville 

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If you desire a delicious cocktail close to your home base, then our very own, The Seville, is the perfect hidden gem for you. The Seville combines the allure of a speakeasy with the sophistication of a high-end cocktail lounge. Inspired by the clandestine nightlife of 1920s New York City, The Seville exudes elegance with its plush seating, velvet curtains, and Art Deco accents. Indulge in a Beaux-Arts Beauty, a perfect blend of belvedere, limoncello, Pamplemousse, lemongrass, and prosecco, as you soak in the ambiance of this exclusive hideaway just steps away from your room. 

The Back Room 

Step back in time to the Prohibition era at The Back Room, a Lower East Side speakeasy that retains its authentic atmosphere from the 1920s. This bar is one of only two speakeasies in New York City that operated during Prohibition and still exists today. It is a timeless example of the underbelly of New York’s past. The original bar, known simply as ‘The Back of Ratner’s’ played host to many theater and movie actors of the Roaring Twenties, as well as famous gangsters of the era. Disguised as a seemingly inconspicuous Lower East Side storefront, The Back Room invites patrons to enter through an unmarked door and descend into a world of vintage charm. Sip on classic cocktails served in teacups — the way people used to secretly drink during prohibition —  and revel in the ambiance of this clandestine gem. 

Angel’s Share

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Last year, it looked as though a pioneer in the craft cocktail renaissance, Angel’s Share, was closing its doors for good. However, like any good speakeasy, it simply popped up somewhere else! The bar has reopened in Greenwich Village, led by Erina Yoshida, the original owner’s daughter. The new locations at 45 Grove Street has managed to maintain the beloved atmosphere, complete with the iconic cherub mural and strict etiquette policies. Expect a menu of old favorites alongside new creations and small bites from its kitchen. Unlike her father’s elusive presence, Erina plans to be a visible figure at the bar, ensuring a seamless transition. 

Death & Co. 

For aficionados of fine spirits and exquisite libations, Death & Co stands as a beacon of cocktail culture in the heart of the East Village. Behind an unassuming façade lies a world of cocktail craftsmanship, where seasoned bartenders meticulously prepare each drink with precision and flair. Whether you’re in the mood for a classic Negroni or a custom creation tailored to your tastes, Death & Co. delivers an unparalleled cocktail experience. 

Bottoms Up! 

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In a city overflowing with hidden treasures and secret delights, embarking on a journey through New York City’s speakeasies and exclusive cocktail experiences is an adventure like no other. For the sophisticated traveler seeking unique experiences and relaxation, there’s no better starting point than The James NoMad. Its prime location and luxurious amenities offer discerning guests the perfect home base for exploring the city’s clandestine cocktail scene. So, why wait? Book your stay now and indulge in the allure of the city that never sleeps, right at your doorsteps. Your next unforgettable adventure awaits! 

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