• Physical Wellness: Aerospace

    Physical Wellness: Aerospace

The first in our Four Bodies Wellness video series comes from partner Michael Olajide. Michael is the founder of Aerospace NYC, New York’s first machine-free sports emulation-fitness center.

A former prizefighter and championship boxer, Michael brings his signature flair for fitness to Four Bodies Wellness. Guests of The James NoMad can access complimentary Aerospace workout sessions that provide both physical and mental benefits. 

View the video below for Michael’s thoughts on how to move with purpose and engage the mind through fitness:

[embedded video: https://youtu.be/tUpEXAxmGAA]

Explore all components of the Four Bodies with our inside look at mental, spiritual and emotional well-being. Ready for a transformational experience yourself? Book a stay with us in New York to immerse yourself in total wellness.

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