In homage to the creative neighborhood it calls home, The James New York-Soho features the works of a mix of local and international artists, both prominent and up-and-coming. Working with the help of the Irving Sandler Artists Files, Art Curator Matthew Jensen carefully selected our many design and artistic partners, who curated the hotel’s every space and detail. Your entire James Hotel experience, from your arrival all the way to the walls of your guestroom, is a journey of visual and cultural luxury.

The James New York-Soho is proud to support our local artistic community. We are dedicated to fostering artistic talent and supporting emerging artists.



A unique piece of public art greets you as enter The James New York-Soho from the street. The installation _QWERTY 5_ by Sarah Frost was custom-created for the new hotel and is comprised of thousands of recycled keyboard keys used to cover an interior wall of The James foyer, creating a mosaic-like effect. Each key has a unique history and bears the imprint of the thousands of taps by countless users.


The James New York-Soho's sole Glass Elevator brings guests to the third floor Sky Lobby where the hotel hosts an additional check-in and reception. Korean artist Sun K. Kwak, identified through Artists Space, created a custom piece for the ride inspired by the very space within which it was created. As the elevator moves up and down the black image on the white wall of the elevator shaft will start to move together and appear gradually floor by floor. The finished piece will be full of life and vibrancy, and the unusual exhibition space allows viewers a unique way to appreciate a work of art.


The James New York-Soho’s glass elevator lifts you to The Sky Lobby, an all-glass architectural marvel overlooking the neighboring sculpture garden. In it guests can enjoy one-of-a-kind furnishings and interiors hand selected by Cristina Grajales, whose years of respected residential expertise brought her work with architecture buff Brad Pitt and his brood as well as Helmut Lang, one of the most incredible eyes for art and the avant garde.


Each of the hotel’s 14 corridors features the work of one dedicated artist per floor. Curated by Art Curator Matt Jensen in partnership with Soho based non-profit artist collective Artists Space, the Corridor Arts Program includes emerging artists with working studio spaces in New York City. The program, entitled “Stand Here and Listen”, plays off the signs that often appear in popular tourist destinations, where visitors are encouraged to stand and look at sights and landmarks.


Guests are greeted by custom room numbers, whimsically designed by John Paul Philippe. In-room, meanwhile, they will take some of the outdoors in with nature-inspired privacy screens — commissioned by award-winning Dutch artist Nienke Sybrandy — that blend form and function. Providing privacy between the bedroom and the bathroom, each luminous and light screen features the limbs of an outstretched tree, cleverly constructed with computer code.


In addition to serving as our Art Curator, Matthew Jensen — a Brooklyn-based artist — creates works that combine photography, collecting and a rigorous exploration of the public experience and familiar landscapes. New York City's landscapes and parks have been the focus of many of his collection-based projects and solo shows.