Notes from the Artist: “My work deals with physical and pictorial occurrences in nature. Through curious observation I find infinite instances in which natural order and disorder create framework. A perfect example being fractured light through broken glass or a web of tree branches intertwining through a matrix of space. Wound together, the pictures I make float in and out of illusory space while simultaneously denoting flatness of their plane materiality. Surprisingly a rhythm emerges in all this; what excites me is the beauty and its unpredictability. Through Collage I take something as a whole, then break it down and reassemble it through my own filter. Layers are built up but are done so in order to subtract from the overall image and create voids in the landscape of the imagery. The uniqueness to my process adapts a traditional ‘cut and paste’ approach but also carries seamlessness equally redolent of digitized media.”

[MORE]Aaron Wexler received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his BFA from Tyler School of Art. He has had solo exhibitions in New York and London. Various group exhibitions including: The Saatchi Gallery, Pavel Zoubok, Lehmann Maupin, Oliver Kamm, The National Academy Museum. He is included in various public and private collections including The West Collection and The Saatchi collection. And he eats steamed green vegetables everyday.

Aaron Wexler is represented by Josee Bienvenu Gallery – NY, NY.
*Works courtesy of the artist.


Untitled, (1), 2010
Collage and pencil on paper

Counter Tourism, 2010
Acrylic and painted paper collage on panel

Untitled, (2-5), 2010
Collage and pencil on paper

The Not-So-Distant Future, 2010
Acrylic and painted paper collage on panel