A textile atelier based in Bogotá, Colombia, Hechizoo was founded by Jorge Lizarazo. Originally trained as an architect, Lizarazo aims to bring this perspective into play when designing his exquisite textiles. This results in rugs, upholstery, and curtains that are an extension of the architecture, and interact with the interior spaces for which they are intended.

Hechizoo’s contemporary designs emerge from a rich Latin American tradition of textiles. For Lizarazo, sources of inspiration range from the beautiful Colombian landscape to a poncho worn by the famous singer Chavela Vargas. A colorist, Lizarazo pairs unlikely hues and tones to create vivid effects. It is his emotional translation of his reaction to the world around him into the language of textiles that makes the work so original.

[MORE]Hechizoo integrates man-made materials such as nylon and ribbon with natural materials like silk, agave, cumare and penca. The juxtaposition of these materials combined with traditional craftsmanship creates textiles that are contemporary, yet sophisticated. Because everything is hand-made and custom woven to the client’s specifications, each product that Hechizoo makes is truly unique.

A self-taught weaver, Lizarazo originally practiced architecture in France working with the illustrious Santiago Calatrava and Massimiliano Fuksas. Returning to Colombia, he created Hechizoo where he started his experimentation with weaving and materials. Working with skilled weavers and artisans, the atelier creates rugs, upholstery and curtain fabric as well as architectural screens and meshes.

Works courtesy of Cristina Grajales Gallery