Urban Garden Pillar

The James New York added a new art installation to the artistically-inspired Urban Garden where the community helped choose which design should live on the statuesque pillar in the heart of the garden. Local and accomplished artist Molly Dilworth submitted three unique designs and fans were invited to vote for the final design.

The pillar artwork is inspired by the history of Lower Manhattan, Ghost Acre offers a unique take on public art from the hotel perspective with the pattern derived from the decorative histories of the original natives of the city– Native and African American, Dutch, English and French settlers.

Based out of Brooklyn, Molly Dilworth’s work is visually graphic and “site specific” meaning it can be adjusted and adapted conceptually to tie into the history of the location. Molly believes it is critical for the content of the artwork to be connected to its site where her projects are built from the ground up, beginning with research about a particular site, with an emphasis on things that have an effect on our daily lives but exist below the level of conscious experience. The work is always drawn from data – historical, geological, sociological – from the site so the resulting piece is relevant and engaging to the community in which it is made. Dilworth’s work also references quilting, which is a subtle tip of the hat to “women’s work” which has a long history within the artistic community.