Sarah Frost is an emerging artist based out of St. Louis, Missouri. In her QWERTY installations, she re-uses keyboard keys to cover surfaces, creating a mosaic-like effect. Frost scavenges her materials from items she finds at garage sales or in garbage bins. Creating a second life for these objects is her primary interest, as each object carries traces of its previous life. Frost’s pieces, made entirely out of cast-off keyboard keys, discarded by an array of users from individuals and small businesses to financial institutions, government offices and Fortune 500 companies, can cover whole rooms. Each key has a unique history and bears the imprint of the thousands of taps by countless users. In her works, Frost hopes to convey both the material effects of consumer culture and its connection to human mortality. Her piece for The James has been custom-created for the hotel lobby.


Qwerty 5, 2010
Discarded keyboard keys