About the Artist: Sarah Nicole Phillips employs commonplace symbols to reveal underlying societal tensions while offering an alternative and hopeful vision. She imbues images of bicycles, rainbows, clouds, landscapes with subtle humor and irreverence, providing a silver lining to possible dystopian futures. Obsessive rainbow-inspired doodles take over the planet; transcending partisan debates about climate change. Bicycle-chain grease stains the sky with a rainbow-shaped stamp and sunshine composed of shards of photovoltaic solar cells pierce through somber, stormy clouds. Collages made with discarded office envelopes conflate images of plant life with hard-edged linear repetition, suggestive of man-made infrastructure and human-imposed order. Encroaching plant life calls attention to the living, wild source of paper fiber and an ever-present, yet obscured wilderness that permeates the imposed order of civic life.

Sarah Nicole Phillips is a Toronto-born, Brooklyn-based artist. In 2003 she received her B.A, in Visual Studies from the University of Toronto. In 2006 she received her MFA from Brooklyn College with a concentration in printmaking. From 2006-07 she participated in a year-long artist residency at the Lower Eastside Printshop where she continues to teach. She exhibits widely in Canada and the US and has recently been included in shows at the Queens Museum of Art, the International Print Center New York (IPCNY), and the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM). She is a 2009 recipient of a Brooklyn Arts Council grant. She has created several solar-powered sculptural installations including a public installation during SolarOne’s 2007 Citisol festival at Manhattan’s Stuyvesant Cove Park. Sarah is active in New York’s cycling community.


I Will Ride My Bicycle There, 2007
Seven color screen prints

Security Reservoir, 2008
Collage made with discarded security envelopes

Spot Gold, 2009
Collage made with discarded security envelopes

Notice Renewal, 2009
Collage made with discarded security envelopes

River Bank, 2009
Collage made with discarded security envelopes

Good’Arc en Ciel, 2006
Etching, hand painting

Goo D’arc en Ciel, Second State: Alexander’s Belt, 2006
Etching, inkjet print

The Future is Rainbow Nanobots, 2006
Etching, hand painting

Sunbeam, 2008
Aquatint, crushed photovoltaic cells (solar cells)

All the Benefits. All the Rewards, 2010
Collage made with discarded security envelopes

Tattoos and Rainbows, 2007
Etching, aquatint and felt-tipped marker