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    Tips for Getting in Marathon Shape

Undertaking a marathon or half-marathon may be a common goal among fitness lovers, but tackling the herculean 26-mile distance can still feel like a daunting challenge. There are lots of pre-marathon training practices requiring hours of patience and dedication. Listen to some other things you can do to help get yourself in top shape for race day.

In advance of the New York City Marathon this fall, let us provide a few helpful tips on how to ace your run.

Don’t Just Run

When it comes to long-distance running, strength is just as important as speed. Don’t forget to add a little cross-training into your mileage mix. A blend of other workout routines, from body-weight exercises to spin classes, can help target different muscle groups and stave off injury and fatigue from overtraining.


There is nothing worse than training for months only to come down with a cough or fever days before the race. Make sure to carry hand sanitizer, stay hydrated, and consider masking in crowded indoor spaces leading up to the marathon to avoid fall sicknesses.


Hand in hand with sanitizing and remaining healthy is making a concerted effort to get enough sleep. An extra effort to add in some zzz’s will help your body recover and allow you to be fully powered up on the big day.

Shake it Out

On the eve of race day, it can be tempting to just put your feet up and enjoy a bit of well-deserved rest. Although a hard training run is less than advisable the day before the big race, so too is a day of complete rest. Instead, top running coaches and elite marathoners alike rely on what’s known as the “Shakeout Run” — a light 15 to 20-minute jog to turn over the lactic acid in your muscles and prevent the feeling of heavy legs on race day.


It may sound silly, but above all else, visualizing yourself crossing the finish line (and hitting that all-important personal best time!) will help bring you closer to your goal.

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